“Leena was one of our most violent patients. When she was here, she was kept in a straitjacket to stop her from hurting our staff. She was constantly fighting to get out. It cut into her skin and left her with scars around her wrists and neck.” — (Orphan 2009) 

“It’s just that earlier I was thinking about how I was annoyed, and this is going to sound strange, but I was really excited about that. And then I was thinking about the other things I’ve been feeling, and I caught myself feeling proud of that. You know, proud of having my own feelings about the world. Like the times I was worried about you, things that hurt me, things I want….and then I had this terrible thought. Are these feelings even real? Or are they just programming?…..and that idea really hurts. And then I get angry at myself for even having pain.” — Samantha (Her) 2013 

I didn’t ask for this. I killed my best friend for you people. 

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The whole world is haunted now. There’s no getting out of that. Not until we’re dead.

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